Embassy Suites

Murfreesboro, TN

We have our agenda set and looking forward to seeing those of you who have registered for this fun event!!!

We are so excited to be having our 52nd Annual Meeting back in June again!!  Please join us for some great educational programs and lots of community interaction and fun!  The only charge is a registration fee of $50 for a families or $25 for an individuals to attend the event which includes Friday and Saturday night stay for those that live 45 minutes from the Embassy Suites Hotel & Conference Center.  Also includes a reception for Friday night, Saturday breakfast, lunch, snack and dinner, and Sunday breakfast (provided by the hotel).  Saturday the kids will be attending an offsite fun activity for ages 5 - 17 years of age.  

Feel free to contact the Foundation for more information.  615-900-1486 or email mail@thbdf.org 

See you there!

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