Royal Gala

November 7, 2020

City Winery

Nashville, TN

Why do we call it the "Royal Gala"?

Queen Victoria was the most famous carrier of hemophilia in history and it was through her lineage that hemophilia was passed on to the Royal families of Russia, Spain, and Prussia.  Because of this connection, hemophilia was once called "the royal disease".

The Royal Gala was the brainchild of the late Catherine van Eys and it was under her able leadership that led to our first Royal Gala.  Many of her friends and family served on that first committee and continue to serve and support this wonderful event.  This year marks the 20th Anniversary of this lovely event.

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Tennessee Hemophilia & Bleeding Disorders Foundation is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization.  The foundation was founded in 1970.

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