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We have several resources to help our community, such as an emergency assistance program, medical alert jewelry, and the State Hemophilia Program.

Always feel free to contact the Foundation with any questions you may have.

Office: 615-900-1486

Fax: 615-900-1487



Project Hope Emergency Assistance Program

We know those in our community have medical bills that can prevent them from paying a bill on time, or even at all.  Our Project Hope program can help those members of our bleeding disorder community with a utility bill, rent, or food.  Please note we cannot help with medical bills themselves.  We would require you to fill out the application and send in a copy of the bill that you need help with.  Those who have come to our events in the last year will receive $500 and those who do not attend our events will receive $250 that will go towards the bill they have submitted. It can be more than one bill.


MedicAlert Jewelry

Through a grant we have received from Genentech, we are able to supply a limited amount of medical alert jewelry. Please click below to order your MedicAlert jewelry today!


State Hemophilia Program

The Tennessee State Hemophilia Program was created in 1974 to ensure the care and treatment of people suffering from hemophilia. The program assists people who require continuing treatment to avoid crippling, extensive hospitalization and other effects associated with their bleeding condition, but who are unable to pay for the entire cost of such services on a continuing basis despite the existence of various types of hospital and medical insurance.

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