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New Training being instituted for Volunteer Leaders and Personnel of THBDF


The mission of the Tennessee Hemophilia & Bleeding Disorders Foundation (THBDF) is to enhance the lives of those affected by bleeding disorders.  This means that the THBDF works to enhance the lives of ALL members of the Tennessee bleeding disorders community, regardless of race, gender, age, color, disability, economic status, religion, sexual orientation and a constantly evolving definition of diversity.  The THBDF Board does not condone any statements, images, or behavior that does not meet these core values of our mission.


We are all a work in progress when it comes to diversity and inclusion.  With this in mind, the Board of Directors is actively working to incorporate new policy that will require volunteer leaders, including board members, and personnel of THBDF to participate in diversity training. 


Over the next few months, the THBDF Board will be engaging in research to secure training materials, an online course of training and other documentation for educational purposes to bring attention to issues such as cultural awareness and sensitivity, unconscious bias, diversity, equity and inclusion.


For more information or to offer support of resources, please reach out to Teresa Nothan and/or members of the Board.


Thank you,


THBDF Board & Staff