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Our Mission

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To enhance the lives of those affected by bleeding disorders.


The Tennessee Hemophilia & Bleeding Disorders Foundation (THBDF) is a 501 (c) 3 non-profit organization that was formed in 1970 by patients, parents and health care professionals to provide support, advocacy, and education to families affected by bleeding disorders who receive care from a Tennessee Hemophilia Treatment Center.   

THBDF Timeline

  • 1969 by our founding families - Dr. van Eys, Hackets, Haleys, Whitehursts, Wards, Hadleys, Rowlands, Jarratts, Medleys.

  • 1970: Charter filed with Natl. Hemophilia Fdtn; TN chapter runs out of Whitehurst's home with volunteers.

  • 1971: First Executive Director, Kathy Edry, hired; Freezers to hold cryoprecipitate developed; treatment at home possible.

  • 1973: State Hemophilia Program started; Legislation passed with help from Senator Doug Henry to provide funding for Hemophilia Treatment Centers; provided consumers with hemophilia medical and dental care.

  • 1976-1982: HIV appears within the community; the first adult support group began.

  • 1984-1985: First information about the HIV epidemic evolves.

  • 1986: Chapter lobbied & obtained comprehensive health insurance coverage (T-Chip) for pre-existing medical conditions which helped HTC increase services; Chapter began various support groups.

  • 1987: Dr. van Eys Scholarship Initiated.

  • 1987-1990: HIV/AIDS counseling & risk reduction continued; Lobbied to prevent federal amendment TI FR 4785 to require reporting of names and results of HIV testing.

  • 1990-1992: Bobby Stanton hired as Executive Director (1992); Grant from Natl. Hemophilia Fdtn funded position for 4 years; Federal Legislation for Ryan White and Ricky Ray Supported; HIV/AIDS consumed community (1992); Multiple federal and NHF grants received; Lobbied for Support of B 951 anti-discrimination against people with infectious Diseases; Provided help with basic living needs, financial counseling, funeral expenses, and Disability & Social Security Claims.

  • 1995: Grant to Ryan White for full-time Social Worker to assist HIV/AIDS community. 1996: Memphis Foundation Merged with Chapter.

  • 1997: TN Hemophilia & Bleeding Disorder Fdtn established as 501 (c) 3 Statewide Foundation; Memphis Full Time Staff; Part-Time Staff for East Tennessee Outreach. Today the Tennessee Hemophilia & Bleeding Disorder Foundation has two full-time employees and a 20 member Board of Directors. Collaboratively working with the Tennessee Hemophilia Treatment Centers, Pharmaceutical Companies, and Home Health Care Services we provide direct education and services to the children and adults with bleeding disorders.

All donations are tax-deductible and our Tax ID # is 62-1662856

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